`Premonition': no end in sight

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March 16, 2007|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,Sun Movie Critic

When you've got a tidy little thriller, it helps to have a tidy little ending. Or any ending at all.

Premonition has no such thing. True, it ends - as in the celluloid stops going through the projector and the theater's house lights come up. But there's no resolution to the story. Heck, there's not even the confusion that a hurried ending would bring. There's just a sort of resignation, a feeling that this was a journey made for no purpose, a despondency born of filmmakers too caught up in their cool idea to realize that a story needs closure.

Up until then, Premonition works well enough. Sandra Bullock is at her tough-but-vulnerable best as Linda Hanson, a mother of two young girls who is jolted from her suburban complacency when her husband, Jim (Julian McMahon of TV's Nip/Tuck), is killed in a traffic accident. Devastated, she collects her girls, enlists her mother (Kate Nelligan) and best friend (Nia Long) for emotional support, then goes to bed wondering how she'll face the next day.

Premonition (TriStar Pictures) Starring Sandra Bullock (right), Julian McMahon. Directed by Mennan Yapo. Rated PG-13. Time 110 minutes.

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