Q&a -- Adam Donachie

March 15, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

The Orioles traded their Rule 5 pick, pitcher Alfredo Simon, to the Philadelphia Phillies for their Rule 5 selection, catcher Adam Donachie, during the winter meetings. Donachie, 23, must stay with the Orioles all season or be offered back to his original club, the Kansas City Royals. It's possible the Orioles will work out a trade with the Royals so they can option Donachie to the minors. Has there been any Rule 5 hazing from the veterans? -- Nothing yet. There's nothing happening to me. They've been nice to me so far. But I'm waiting. I know sooner or later it's going to happen, and I'll be ready for it.

Were you shocked to go from the Phillies to the Orioles so quickly? -- It was real weird. First, I got a call and it was like, "You got Rule 5'd by the Phillies." Then, 30 minutes later, I'm getting a call saying, "Oh, now you're an Oriole." It was kind of weird because I played in the Arizona Fall League and some of the Orioles were on my team. It was like, "Maybe I'll see you down the road." I'm like, "Well, I get to see you in camp now."

Was there one player you were most eager to meet in camp? -- It was just interesting to be with all the veterans here. I heard guys like [Kevin] Millar, [Miguel] Tejada, all of them were good guys to be around. It's been interesting just to be here and meet them.

Who was your favorite player growing up? -- It was actually Cal Ripken Jr., so it was kind of weird to come here and know that he was here. When I was little I also liked Lou Gehrig, and then Cal came along, with that whole playing every day thing and always gutting stuff out. And that's sort of the way I grew up, trying to hustle and play every day, every time I get a chance.

How did you end up being a catcher? -- When I was in Little League and you're old enough to start stealing bases, my dad, who was my coach, would say, "I want you to sit behind the plate, no passed balls, throw out anybody who starts running." I ended up being a catcher since I was 11 and liked it. I played shortstop and pitched when I was little, but after that, it was nothing but catching. He stuck me back there. The next thing you know, I'm growing up catching. Thank God, he put me back there. I never asked him why. I never argued with him, either. It got me this far, so I'm happy for it.

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