Watching at work

Your priority list

Ncaa Tournament

March 15, 2007

ou would like to — You would like to - no, make that you need to - keep tabs on the NCAA tournament today, but you have to - no, make that you are required to - be at your office when the first round tips off this afternoon. Still, you have options.

Viewing online

If you have a computer at your desk and you think you can get away with it, live streaming video of the games is available for free via March Madness on Demand at and You do have to register, however, and you might experience a wait to see the video.

Live updates

Various Web sites - including baltimoresun. com - will provide updates. Just remember to minimize when the boss strolls by.

Other options

Maybe you're lucky enough - as we are at The Sun - to have televisions right in your office so you can watch CBS' coverage from your desk. Probably not, though. Sneak off to the break room? Very long lunch at a nearby sports bar? Or ... Man, that's an awful cough you have. You'd better stay home today.

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