March madness: celebrity version

March 14, 2007

March Madness, celebrity version, has begun - an NCAA-style tournament aimed at determining which single celebrity, from a starting field of 64 overexposed contenders, we'd most like to see just go away. To see the brackets and cast your first-round votes, go to

With more than 1,900 votes cast on the first day yesterday, voters indicated they'd heard more than enough about the late Anna Nicole Smith, at least compared with the astronaut she'd displaced from the headlines, Lisa Marie Nowak, by a margin of 79 percent to 21 percent.

For the first round, vote between now and midnight March 15

Second round - March 16 to midnight March 18

Third round (Sweet 16) - March 19 to midnight March 22

Fourth round (Elite 8) - March 23 to midnight March 29

Fifth round (Final 4) - March 30 to midnight April 1

Championship - April 2

Want to see the celebrities' Google Point Index (the number of Web sites that show the celebrity's name when typed into that search engine)? Feel some strong contenders were overlooked? Just need to vent about overexposed celebrities? You can comment on the site as well.

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