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March 13, 2007

Felipe Calderon has highlighted migration and drug trafficking as two concerns he would like to discuss with George W. Bush when the two presidents get together [today] in Merida, Yucatan. He told a press conference that he expected more from the United States on those two issues, and further, that he sought a relationship "of mutual respect" with Washington, and not one of "subordination."

Mexico is the last stop on Mr. Bush's first presidential tour through Latin America. ...

What is most curious, however, and what has been emphasized by much of the Mexican and Latin American press, is that much of the inter-American agenda has now been defined by the politics of the populist left. ...

Mr. Bush's tour is really about Washington's diminished influence and lost credibility in the region. The president's handlers feel a need to recover lost territory in the region and to isolate the government of Hugo Chavez. And even though Mr. Bush intends to reaffirm the neoliberal prescription for development and growth in the Americas, he is now armed with words such as "justice" and "equality," and is willing to think about the presence of clauses protecting workers' rights and the environment in future trade accords. Whatever reservations we may have about Mr. Chavez, this change is his doing.

- Fred Rosen, in The Herald Mexico

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