Bus schedule brings riders to their knees


March 13, 2007|By Nina Sears

THE PROBLEM -- Bus riders at an Arundel Mills mall stop in Hanover had to get down on their knees to check the Maryland Transit Administration bus schedule, if they didn't trip over the metal sign first.

THE BACKSTORY -- The only schedule box for the stop, near the Medieval Times restaurant, slipped down its post some time ago.

Some riders, including Devin Delonta Davis of Baltimore, had never noticed the fallen schedule box, which was so dirty from its proximity to the ground that the information was unreadable. "I didn't know we had a schedule right there," said Davis, 16. "All this time, I've never seen it like that."

Rianna Lee-Sing, an MTA representative, said the agency was unaware that the schedule had fallen until contacted by The Watchdog. It was repaired Thursday.

WHO CAN FIX THIS -- Officials with the Maryland Transit Administration said the person who handles schedule boxes recently left the agency and has not been replaced. People can call the deputy director of the MTA office of customer service at 410-767-3999. For general complaints, call 410-333-2354 or complete the online form at www.mta maryland.com.

UPDATE -- The sidewalk to nowhere - which crossed a small street near Light Street and Key Highway and stranded pedestrians on a median - has been moved. A new, brightly painted sidewalk now crosses Hughes Street about 100 feet to the west, with a sidewalk on each end.

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