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March 11, 2007|By RAY FRAGER

For those of you unfortunate enough to have seen my thankfully brief, awkward and totally uncompelling appearance Wednesday on CN8's Out of Bounds, I apologize.

(How bad was it? Today, Comcast wants to come to my home and rip out my cable.)

However, I did want to amplify my position on sports blogs. I likely left the impression that I don't find them useful and worthwhile reading. That isn't the case at all.

The best ones are as informative and entertaining as anything you'll find elsewhere in sports media. Though many skirt - or go completely across - the boundaries of good taste or wholeheartedly engage in what can be politely termed objectifying women, the savvy Web consumer shouldn't be shocked.

And rumors and gossip may get floated in a manner some find irresponsible, but that same savvy consumer can figure out for himself how many grains of salt to take with each tidbit. The thing is, those same rumors can just as often have originated in some form of the "old media."

As one of the better-spoken voices on the show (a description that, with me on, wasn't difficult to earn) said: The bad blogs will go away and the good ones will survive. It could take awhile, but a blogger's lazy thinking, sloppy writing and/or shoddy research eventually will catch up with him in the marketplace.

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