March 10, 2007

Stop knocking O's they're not that bad

Amid all the criticism of the Orioles' management and Peter Angelos, I would like to share my opinion on the state of the team.

Let's look at the present makeup of the team. It has improved more than one may think.

Shoring up the bullpen has resulted in the Orioles having one of the best sets of relievers in baseball. The starting pitchers could be better than last year simply because they have gained much-needed experience. Expect better years from young returning outfielders Corey Patterson and Nick Markakis. They hit for average and have great speed.

The versatility of the team has improved with the acquisition of Jay Payton and Aubrey Huff in the offseason. The batting order from top to bottom is solid. We now have a chance to gain a wild card in spite of the Yankees and Red Sox.

No, I'm not crazy. As Bob Maisel, former sports editor at The Sun, once said, "that's only one man's opinion."

Bill Davis


McGahee needs help to make an impact

I always thought that "A" (the running back) has to go through "B" (his offensive line) to get to "C" (open turf).

If that's the case, I wouldn't get overly excited yet about the Ravens trading for Willis McGahee this week.

Sure, he's a proven running back, and he also brings the ability to get outside the defensive ends. But the offensive line is the catalyst, and right now there are a few critical holes to fill for next season.

What if Jonathan Ogden does decide to retire? Then Ozzie Newsome may really have to pull the rabbit out of his hat.

Let's hope the offensive line dilemma improves before the start of training camp. McGahee is too talented a running back to come here and have his skills wasted because of an inferior offensive line.

We've seen Newsome work his magic before. He may be called on to do it again before the start of next season.

Patrick R. Lynch


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