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March 10, 2007















D.C. gun ban struck down

A U.S. appeals court struck down yesterday a strict ban on owning firearms in the nation's capital, setting the stage for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the scope of the Second Amendment and whether it expressly protects a person's right to own a gun. pg 3A

FBI improperly got records

The FBI acknowledged yesterday that some of its agents had improperly obtained confidential records of American citizens in several dozen cases. pg 3A



Changes at Fire Department

The Baltimore Fire Department is making sweeping changes in its academy and safety office, shifting 13 firefighters from the field to the academy, replacing three senior instructors who have retired since the fatal fire on Feb. 9 that killed Racheal M. Wilson and violated many national safety standards. pg 1A


U.S., Brazil enter partnership

President Bush and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva set aside past differences yesterday and announced a new partnership to promote the use of alternative fuels to reduce the Western Hemisphere's dependence on fossil fuels. pg 8A

Iraq summit set to begin

In a symbolic victory for Iraq, representatives of neighboring countries and world powers are gathering here to discuss how they could help stabilize the troubled country. The meeting, scheduled for today, will be a rare opportunity for Iran and the United States to sit at the same table. Syria will be there, too. pg 9A

Sinclair, Comcast reach accord

Sinclair Broadcast Group and Comcast Corp. reached a pricing agreement that will allow cable customers in the Baltimore region and several other markets to continue watching Fox and CW programs on their cable systems. pg 11C


Preparing for travel abroad

Experiencing cultures and customs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting a foreign country, but a traveler without language skills may be in for a long and frustrating trip. Avoiding linguistic misunderstandings takes some preparation but doesn't require years of training. pg 1D

An atypical `June Bride'

June Bride, Sara Felder's largely autobiographical one-woman show at the Theatre Project, may have a conventional title, but it defies convention in both its style and subject matter. pg 1D

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