Lose an hour, gain a bunch of cash - in your dreams

March 08, 2007|By DAN RODRICKS

Daylight-saving time begins this weekend. Did you get the memo? You have to "spring forward" and it isn't even spring yet. That's because, by act of Congress, daylight-saving time comes three weeks ahead of schedule. (It usually begins on the first Sunday of April.) If you think you'll have trouble remembering all this, let me know (410-332-6166), and my staff and I will give you a wake-up call Sunday morning.

Some people worry that the early start to daylight saving will have Y2K effects. But I don't recall Y2K effects. It was much ado about nothing, and I have a month's supply of Spam in my basement to prove it.

Don't you dare call here looking for a wake-up this Sunday. I was just kidding. I don't have a staff.

OK, President Bush can pardon I. Lewis Libby, just as long as the nation officially stops calling him "Scooter."

Don't call. Don't. I withdraw the offer.

Here's what I say: David Cordish is a wonderful human being and I'm proud to call him my friend. Now, please, can I have some money?

Prediction: If the Ravens re-sign Jamal Lewis, he runs for 1,111 yards next season. Another prediction : If the Ravens don't sign Jamal Lewis, he runs for 1,111 yards next season.

I still hate it when Alex Trebek acts like he knew the correct answers on Jeopardy all along. What a phony.

You know spring is on the way in Baltimore when the first blue plastic shopping bag alights on a tree in your yard.

You know what they call a Santoni's plastic shopping bag, don't ya? Italian luggage.

Prediction: The Terps win the ACC tournament. Another prediction: They make it to at least the Elite Eight.

Don't you dare call here looking for a wake-up this Sunday. Forget it. I didn't mean it!

Food tip: Try Soy Vay, the kosher teriyaki sauce, on fresh salmon, sauteed fast and hot, until the skin is crispy. Makes a great Friday Lenten meal.

It got so windy the other day - and stayed windy for so long - I felt a Stephen King novel coming on. Imagine this: A March wind blows so hard for so many days that it drives people of a Baltimore suburb - say, Ferndale - absolutely mad, and they come, crazed and screaming, out of their homes and shelters, and suddenly thousands of wind-whipped blue plastic shopping bags appear and the bags spin, tornado-like, around all the Ferndalers - or Ferndalians - and encases them and lodges them in trees.

Well, I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot this week, and there goes my hope of one day owning the My-T-Fine snowball stand on Joppa Road. But a man can dream, can't he?

Don't you dare call here for a wake-up call. Ain't gonna happen. I was joking.

Oh, and before I forget: David Cordish is a wonderful human being ... and can I have some money?

Memo to Maryland Public Interest Research Group: You can't have everything, OK? You can't ask us to curb greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and be opposed to a revival in the development of nuclear power to meet the state's - and the world's - growing energy needs. Conservation is nice but it's not the only answer.

Environmentalists and public-interest groups hurt efforts to tackle global warming by starting another no-nukes campaign. If you want to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn on this planet, nuclear reactors offer a significant way to do that, and it's time to get back on track in developing them. Make them safe. Figure out how to manage them. It ought to be a national priority.

It was so windy the other day, a plastic trash barrel blew across Greenmount Avenue and I had to make an aggressive maneuver with my minivan to avoid it. I swerved and felt the van lean and rock on two wheels, and we missed the plastic barrel by mere inches. I caught air. I swear. Air.

That's nice about David Cordish and his partners "settling" for $1.3 billion in their casino dispute with the Seminole tribe of Florida. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Can I have some money?

Legalize slots at the racetracks. Please, get it over with. We're sick of hearing about it. We all know it's going to happen. Mike Miller - please, pull the trigger!

Sunday's column was based, in part, on research at New York University on moral outrage - the roots of it and the lack of it in American society.

This e-mail arrived yesterday at 4 p.m., from a member of the House of Delegates, who apparently had time to catch up on his reading during a State House hearing and had just finished the column: "People would feel more moral outrage if they spent more time in Annapolis; we've already killed a lot of the best bills this year, ones people would assume would sail through in a Democratic Assembly working with a Democratic administration. So far it feels different down here but there's not much evidence it is different measured by what we're passing."

He's a busy guy and probably can't remember everything, so I'll just remind David Cordish that today's my birthday, and please give me some money.

Don't forget: Sunday. Spring forward. Set your clocks one hour ahead. Do it today if you're worried about it.


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