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March 06, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

The question last week was: Whom do you want running the ball for the Ravens next season? Forty of you answered (two answers were duplicates). Now, some of the votes might be affected by who's still on the market and who's not. However, nobody voted for Ahman Green (now with the Texans), and Willis McGahee got two votes, so maybe not.

The winner? Jamal Lewis, with nine votes. I thought everybody hated the thought of his coming back. Of course, you could also view the results as saying 31 of you didn't want him back, with two voting, essentially, for "anybody but him."

In second, a draft pick, any pick (5 1/2 votes). In third, with 4 1/2 votes, Chargers restricted free agent Michael Turner; a lot of respondents said they'd love him if the price of getting him and/or paying him weren't so high. Mike Anderson got four votes, Musa Smith two, with a voter splitting between him and P.J. Daniels.

Best argument for a single vote-getter was for Priest Holmes, which went against the rules, but came with this justification: "His legs might be very fresh after 1.5 years and no hits." True. There is the little matter of his head and neck being the main reasons for sitting out that time; plus, he turns 34 during the season. But the longing for Priest's Ravens days never slows.

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