John Waters says no way

March 06, 2007|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,Sun reporter

If only she'd asked. There'll be no "Female Trouble" on the CD by Hustler magazine cover girl Candye Kane, after director-songwriter-sleaze raconteur John Waters denied her permission to include an update of the title song from his 1974 movie of the same name.

Kane recorded the song last year. But Waters, who co-wrote the song with Bob Harvey, said he didn't know about it until he received her e-mail saying it was going to be on her CD. "She never asked ... permission," he said yesterday from his Baltimore home, "and you don't get permission by writing new lyrics and changing the whole thing."

Waters said there are right ways and wrong ways to use other artists' work. "I spent two years getting the rights to the songs on A Date with John Waters," he says of his album of love songs issued last month. "I know what you have to go through. She has to, too."

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