Roch Around the Clock

March 04, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO | ROCH KUBATKO,Sun Reporter

If we're not allowed to over-react to Steve Trachsel's poor performance Thursday in the Orioles' exhibition opener, I suppose it's only fair that we take Erik Bedard's start Friday with a grain of salt -- whatever that means.

Bedard dominated the Florida Marlins in his two innings, throwing first-pitch strikes to five of six batters and not allowing a base runner. He struck out two, got three fly balls and a grounder.

Bedard was done after 20 pitches, but he sure looked like he could have kept going.

Orioles players were amused by all the attention Chris Gomez received from reporters after having a double, two-run homer and three RBIs in Thursday's opener.

Jay Gibbons broke out into mock applause at one point, and Aubrey Huff kept shaking his head and chuckling.

Gomez's 18-game hitting streak ended on the season's final day, when Boston's Devern Hansack tossed a five-inning no-hitter.

Joe DiMaggio's record is safe.

"The dream's over, the hype's gone," Gomez said, grinning. "I just feel bad for the fans that were following it."

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