5 Things I Have To Have Now


It's almost time for the spring spruce-up, so why not ask an expert for advice? Rita St. Clair has been designing interiors in Baltimore for 40 years. Many homes and establishments -- from hospitals to restaurants -- bear her company's signature style. For a new look this season, she suggests slipcovers. "A good way to energize your interior environment is to change the colors," says St. Clair. "Put up new pillows. Take down drapes and put up some fiber or straw shades. ... It gives you a whole different look."


Absolutely delicious Italian shoes

"Something with not too high of a heel, about 3 inches, that would be glamorous. Bright colors, something festive and fun that I can wear to a party. A real sexy shoe that's not an ankle twister."


A great-looking raincoat "In a light color, something that you can wear just about anything under."


Floor reading lamps "I think reading lamps are very important, but they have to be modern. ... I normally like a combination of brass and glass or brass and black."


Wall covering "For the dining room. I have a red velour there now and I've had it since I moved in [25 years ago]. I still love the red, but I want something more of a marigold orange or an orange-red."


Leather dog leash My dog "has one now that's about 10 years old, a braided leather. She has a purple coat now for winter, and I was thinking wouldn't it be nice in the summer if she had a fabulous leash."

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