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March 04, 2007|By BILL FREE

Junior Kelsey Franklin, a 5-foot-8 shooting guard, led the Cavaliers (10-13) in scoring with a 12-point average, was second in rebounding (5.3) and shot a team best of 84 percent from the free-throw line. She finished the regular season by scoring 22 points against Liberty and played major roles in two regular-season victories over Winters Mill. However, Winters Mill got revenge by defeating South Carroll in a Class 2A West regional playoff game.

Are you more of a jump shooter or one who likes to drive to the basket?

I'm definitely a driver. I kind of drive and get layups and get fouled and make foul shots.

What was the highlight of the season for the team?

We beat Winters Mill in the season. They beat us by a lot last year. So we kind of wanted to come back and beat them, and we did. We beat them twice actually.

What did South Carroll most need to improve on this season?

We had to learn to play as a team. By the end of the year, we were playing as a team really well.

What gave you the most satisfaction personally this season?

I was proud of the way our team was real aggressive. I kind of stepped it up, and I was more aggressive. That was good for me.

What do you most want to do to improve for next season?

Probably my ball-handling. I need to be more comfortable dribbling left-handed. I tend to go right-handed a lot, so I need to work on my left hand.

Do you play any other sports at South Carroll?

I play volleyball. I'm a middle hitter. I prefer basketball over volleyball.

Was there anything you wish you could do over this season?

Sure, I'd love to play Winters Mill again [in regionals]. I think we deserved it a little more than them. But if we could do anything else again, I think we all wanted to play Walkersville again [in the second round of the playoffs after two tight regular-season losses]. We gave them a run for their money and we just enjoy playing them.

What's your future college plans in sports?

I'm definitely going to play basketball in college somewhere. I'm not sure where yet. I haven't made those decisions yet. I want to major in sports medicine.

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