What will follow in Dime's footsteps?

February 28, 2007

The American Dime Museum's mass of miscellany has been sold to the four winds. At an auction on Monday, owner-curator Dick Horne raised more than $107,000 at auction, with a replica of a Coney Island Ferris wheel fetching the top price of $4,750 - not far ahead of a 9-foot Peruvian mummy ($3,000), a monkey automaton ($2,100), and an abstract finger painting by Betsy the Chimp ($1,750).

Now that fate has banged down its gavel on the Dime, we wondered: What is Baltimore's quirkiest collection now? Do you own 3,241 pairs of bowling shoes? Is your cousin's basement overrun with Elvis hairpieces? Does your friend have an entire room devoted to gourds that resemble politicians?

We'd love to know who's collecting what in the Baltimore area - as long as it's outlandish.

Send your nominations to arts@baltsun.com, with "collection" in the subject line.

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