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The Kickoff

February 26, 2007

Jim Palmer is in camp. No, he's not trying to make a comeback.

Jamie Walker has been cleared to do everything except run. I noticed that he flinched while walking toward the first base line after stretching, and Ramon Hernandez's throw from the plate to first whizzed past him. It wasn't that close, but it got Walker's attention.

Yesterday's drills on the back fields involved delayed double steals, and how to prevent the runner on third from scoring as the initial throw goes to second - either from the pitcher or catcher.

"Concentrate on good throws, gentlemen," manager Sam Perlozzo shouted.

This is a much more serious, business-like Perlozzo than last year. The difference is quite noticeable, to players and the media.

He's still friendly, but there haven't been as many relaxed, humorous exchanges. I don't know if he's feeling the pressure, or just the need to slightly change his approach. We'll see if it translates to more victories.

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