Steve Green

February 25, 2007|By Roch Kubatko | Roch Kubatko,Sun Reporter

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Pitcher Steve Green signed with the Orioles as a minor league free agent after spending last season in the Detroit Tigers' system, where he won the Triple-A International League championship with the Toledo Mud Hens. He's probably best known for spending the entire 2002 season on the Anaheim Angels' 60-day disabled list after undergoing ligament-reconstructive surgery, but still being included on their roster before the postseason so the team could use an injury exemption to replace him with reliever Francisco Rodriguez.

Did you experience culture shock growing up in Quebec but attending college in Kansas? -- I went down there without knowing any English at all, so the first two or three months were pretty difficult until I picked up, "Where's the bathroom?" "I want to eat this." The basic stuff. My parents still don't really speak English, and most of my buddies are French. But in school, I took English second language, writing skills, reading skills.

How do Triple-A teams celebrate winning a championship? -- It's very similar to the majors. Everything is smaller, obviously, but it's the same thing. The big dog pile on the mound, then you go to the clubhouse and there's champagne, and then you go back on the field and make a victory lap. All that good stuff. We didn't have watered-down beer. We got champagne. I'm sure it's not cream of the crop, but it was good stuff.

Did you get a World Series ring with the Angels? -- No, I didn't get one. I guess you have to be on the field for at least one day, and I was on rehab assignment all year. I didn't even get to play in one game. It would have been nice. It was very conflicting. I was very happy for everybody, but at the same time ... if they had given me the ring it would have been nice to have, but it's probably not something I would have shown with a lot of pride.

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