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February 25, 2007|By BILL FREE

With three games to go in his senior year, Francis Scott Key's Brandon Eckard suffered a broken elbow and is done for the season. The team's leading scorer (13 points a game) and rebounder (7.0) had played two games with the injured elbow, thinking it was a bruise. Although the 6-foot-2 forward did not get to play on a winning team, there were some rewarding moments in a four-year varsity career, including the two free throws he hit with one second left to beat Liberty by a point last month. Eckard also played football at Francis Scott Key, doubling as a tight end and linebacker.

What went through your mind when you found out you would miss the last three games of your high school career?

The major thing was that I was leaving the team just when things were turning around, and we were finishing strong. We've been improving all year.

How did you break your elbow?

I did it against Liberty when someone undercut me. There was no foul. Actually, I finished out the game and made two threes at the end of the game to finish with 19 points.

Were the two free throws with one second left that beat Liberty the most exciting moment in your career?

That was probably the highlight of my career. I've never been put in that situation. I swished both of them.

What was the main thing your team lacked at Key this season?

A second and third scorer behind me.

Any plans for college basketball?

I'm going to go to Frostburg University and play there. I probably won't start my freshman year because they're stacked with a lot of upperclassmen.

What was the most unbelievable game you were involved in at Key?

Probably last year when we beat Middletown. We were ranked last in the MVAL [Monocacy Valley Athletic League], and they were third. It was an overtime game, and we pulled it out. It was pretty exciting. I have no idea how we did it.

What do you do now with the team since you're not playing?

I'm just trying to be a second coach. I have an extra set of eyes out there on the court.

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