Harford History

Col. Henry Welsch and the War of 1812

February 25, 2007

The War of 1812 defined the United States as a country, and forced England to view its former colony as a free nation. With the invasion of Havre de Grace in 1813, many Harford County residents fought for the cause, including Col. Henry Welsch.

The war would prove particularly difficult for Welsch, who was wounded near Niagara Falls. With 21 other soldiers, Welsch was taken prisoner and transported to England. The 6-foot-tall dragoon was 23 years old when he was entered as "Prisoner 3162" in the General Ledger of American Prisoners of War at Chatham.

Welsch was held for 16 months before he was released aboard the Spanish ship St. Philip. He arrived in Norfolk, Va., on Feb. 26, 1815.

[Harford County Historical Bulletin, No. 76, Spring 1998. Research by Harford County Public Library]

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