February 24, 2007

Cottle not the man for Maryland lacrosse

So Maryland men's lacrosse coach Dave Cottle thinks his team can average at least eight goals with a revamped, motion offense ("Division I outlook," Feb. 16).

Wasn't Cottle brought to Maryland in 2001 to help revamp a sluggish offense? Instead, Maryland has continued to be defensive-minded in his tenure, and Cottle has done nothing to warrant heaping praise.

His Terps teams have lost in the NCAA semifinals, and Cottle's reputation as a great regular-season coach but an underachiever in the playoffs has endured.

While Debbie Yow has done a tremendous job in her time in College Park, her decision not to hire Gary Gait after Dick Edell abruptly retired still looms large over the lacrosse program.

Gait wanted the job, and the players wanted Gait. Yow chose Cottle, and Terps fans are left with the consequences.

Bradley A. Marcus


O's in playoffs? It could happen

There is an inordinate amount of uncertainty and anxiety with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox this spring.

The Orioles come to camp with a lot of question marks but undoubtedly an improved team, one full of enthusiasm. With a few breaks, the Orioles could make the playoffs this season. I'm full of hope, but I don't believe it's unfounded.

If Daniel Cabrera can learn to control his paralyzing fastball. If Aubrey Huff can find the productive bat he had a few years ago. If the revamped middle relievers can get to the ninth before the dam breaks. If they can avert the debilitating-type injuries.

Sure, that's a boatload of ifs, and there's a closetful more. But stranger things have happened in recent years with teams like the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers.

Manager Sam Perlozzo has more tools and more options than he has had before. Pitching coach Leo Mazzone, having a year under his belt with the club, could pull off some wizardry with the pitching staff.

And maybe, just maybe, we can once again be proud of this organization if we can run with the "big dogs" from start to finish.

Patrick R. Lynch


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