Murder try term is upheld

February 23, 2007|By Tyrone Richardson | Tyrone Richardson,sun reporter

A 30-year prison sentence was upheld for an Ellicott City man who admitted choking his estranged wife in a bathtub during an argument and leaving her with irreversible brain damage.

A panel of three Howard County Circuit Court judges affirmed Wednesday the sentence that Ghafour Asemani, 39, received Oct. 17 after pleading guilty to second-degree attempted murder.

W. Samuel Truette, Asemani's public defender, argued during the appeal hearing Feb. 9 that Judge Diane O. Leasure's sentence of 30 years, the maximum for the offense, which occurred July 9, 2005, was not appropriate for the actions of his client.

"Nobody would question that the condition Mr. Asemani left his wife in was awful," he said. "But, if one looks and places it into the context of the life they led together, it does not rise to the degree of the worst second-degree attempted murder."

A tearful Asemani pleaded at the hearing for the panel to overturn the sentence.

"Even to this day, my wife is the most precious thing to me," he said. "Nobody is more hurt of what I have done than me. ... I am not innocent. What I did is deserving of a fair punishment, but what I got is practically a life sentence."

Assistant State's Attorney Stacy Mayer argued the sentence was justified and said she was pleased it was upheld. Truette declined to comment.


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