Your're Such a Critic

You're Such a Critic

THE QUESTION: In the last year, what big-screen movie have you seen more than once? Do you plan to buy it on DVD and add it to your favorite-flicks library? Why?

February 23, 2007


Even if my family and I hadn't seen the real Queen Elizabeth II last summer coming down the mall from the palace in an open carriage for a palace guard ceremony, I will see Helen Mirren in The Queen again and again. This movie features spectacular acting, real life drama, and beautiful on-site scenes. The DVD will be a shoo-in.

David Boyd, White Hall

In the last year, I have seen the movie The Queen two times and I could see it again. Helen Mirren simply mesmerizes me with her performance and I plan to buy it on DVD so that I can invite friends over (who have not seen it) to watch this magnificent movie!

Bernardine Ritgert, Baltimore

Hands down -The Illusionist - a thinking adult's film with drama, humor, suspense, action - something for all. The period setting - costumes, locations - are accurate and gorgeous. Philip Glass' score is sheer perfection, alternately beautiful, exciting, and ethereal, a perfect complement to the film. Edward Norton's and Paul Giamatti's superb acting drew us in as though we were first-person witnesses.

Virginia Stein, Baltimore

THE NEXT QUESTION Jim Carrey's new movie The Number 23 opens today. What is your favorite Carrey movie, and why?

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