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February 21, 2007|By KATHERINE DUNN

Danielle Parker transferred from St. Frances to Dulaney this school year and made an immediate impact in two sports -- volleyball and basketball. She helped the No. 7 volleyball team and the No. 7 basketball team win Baltimore County titles. She scored 27 points and had 15 rebounds in Saturday's 57-47 title victory over New Town, helping Dulaney improve to 20-0. The 6-foot-2 junior forward-guard leads the Lions with 16.8 points and 13.8 rebounds a game. She also plays for the Amateur Athletic Union Maryland Hurricanes basketball team. With a 3.4 grade point average, she is interested in law and business and plans to play basketball in college.

Why did you leave St. Frances?

For a lot of reasons. It was a long commute from Hunt Valley to Baltimore City. In the morning, 45 minutes with traffic is not a very fun ride and then coming back after practice with the same traffic. There was also a reason with basketball. Sophomore year, I was pretty much sitting on the bench every game, getting three and four minutes a game after my freshman year having the highest score, 19 points, in the [A Conference] championship game. I lost some passion for the game.

Had you played basketball with some of the Dulaney girls when you were in middle school?

No. I just knew them in middle school [Cockeysville Middle]. I played against some of them in basketball.

When you got to Dulaney, did you feel that you fit in quickly?

Yeah. I had met two or three of the girls before tryouts even started and they were like, `You're really going to love this team. It's a close-knit team. We get along great.' Tryouts, I got there and it was kind of overwhelming. I don't want to be like I think I'm this great basketball star coming from St. Frances. I didn't want to start talking to the girls and they'd be like I was giving off a bad vibe or anything, but it all worked out great.

There's not as much pressure on you as there was at St. Frances, is there?

It's really no pressure. We can go out there and have fun ... and play how we like to play without people judging us. Some people will have negative things to say obviously ... but we go out there and play with heart.

Do you have any hobbies or special talents or interests?

I write poetry and I have done some drawings. ... My sophomore year at St. Frances, I just one day was bored and decided to draw a picture of myself. And I do love to write poetry.

What have you done with your snow days?

Homework on the one snow day and I work out in my gym in the basement just because I'm missing school and a practice day.

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