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February 21, 2007|By GLENN GRAHAM | GLENN GRAHAM,Sun Reporter

Billy Reybold, a 6-foot-5, 210-pound junior, has played a big role in the Gators' turnaround season, averaging 15 points and nearly eight rebounds a game in his second varsity season. After going 5-13 last season, Reservoir took a 10-12 mark into this week's regional playoffs. Along with basketball, Reybold has played tight end and defensive end on Reservior's varsity football team the past two years and has been a lacrosse midfielder since his freshman year. He has a 4.0 grade point average with an interest in math and computer science. Both of his parents played college basketball at University of Delaware.

What has been the key to the team's success this season?

We always had the team here -- we just had to learn how to play together. It didn't really click for us in the beginning of the season because, while we had the athletes, we didn't have the team mentality. But we've really pulled together as a team, started looking for each other and it's been a good turnaround.

Was there any specific point in the season that played big in turning the corner?

I'd probably say it was the holiday tournament. We lost to a team we really shouldn't have. We beat ourselves. We made stupid mistakes, and we had a team meeting after that. We had a good talk and realized we had to come together as a team. We did, and ended up going on a four- or five-game winning streak.

What's it like being part of a basketball family?

[My parents] definitely supported me from the beginning. They taught me a lot, got me started in it and I've loved it ever since. Both of them can be pretty hard on me. They tell me what I do wrong, and they tell me what I do right.

Which sport is you favorite?

I really can't say on that -- I kind of love them all for different reasons. Basketball is different from the rest -- it's a much quicker game, and it's running all the time. Football is physical with much more quick, short spurts of energy. Lacrosse is kind of a combination of both. You've got the physical, hitting part, and then you also got the plays and complexity where you got to think a lot.

Do you have any idea what sport you plan to play in college?

No idea as of now. I love them all, so whatever opportunities come, we'll see.

What are the team goals for the playoffs?

In basketball, we've never gone past the first round of the playoffs. So we're definitely hoping to end that this year, and we're pretty confident we can do it. We just want to go as far as possible, hopefully meet up with Atholton again, because they've given us two great games. They're a test for us, and we want to get that again.

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