Worst Of The Best

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The Kickoff

February 20, 2007

There was a day when basketball fans could count on the NBA All-Star Game for a good show. Was it the purest evocation of Dr. Naismith's creation? No. But it at least had the feel of an epic playground faceoff, with the best players in the world showing off their most spectacular stuff and playing actual defense at key junctures.

Sunday night's "contest," on the other hand, had little to do with real basketball. The defense was so absent that the spectacular moves didn't seem spectacular. There are players on the asphalt courts of any American city who can reverse dunk with no one guarding them. They might as well have played in Vegas. At least they could use the All-Star bonus checks.

With this disgraceful outing, the NBA's All-Star Game joined the skippable ranks of the light-contact NFL and NHL games and the midsummer baseball classic that lost its luster with the advent of interleague play. Which recent all-star game was the worst? Tell us by voting on baltimoresun.com.

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