Swinging into action

Post Card From Spring Training

February 20, 2007|By Peter Schmuck

The weather finally turned, creating a rare opportunity to do some important research in the field of physics. I spent four hours trying to determine whether the trajectory and velocity of a projectile is determined more by the mass or the velocity of the object setting it in motion.

In other words, I played my first round of golf of 2007, and it wasn't particularly pretty. The only thing good about my game is that I swing the club so many times that it actually qualifies as cardiovascular exercise.

Maybe it's just me, but something strange seems to happen every time I go out, like on the third hole when I hit a high sand wedge that landed in a palm tree and never came down. Now I know how Dave Kingman felt on that popup at the Metrodome.

Do I have to take a penalty on that?

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