Irreverent animation is in the Swim

February 18, 2007|By Robert Lloyd | Robert Lloyd,Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD -- In the many-stationed world of cable television, where every niche channel is an isolated island or remote valley, new species of programs are born and new forms emerge.

When Ted Turner had the idea to recycle cartoons from the massive film and TV libraries that he had acquired and use them for a 24-hour, all-animated network, he surely could not have imagined that he was creating the soup from which would crawl Adult Swim. That programming block of funny-strange and even antisocial series now occupies 45 hours a week of Cartoon Network real estate and consistently leads ad-supported cable stations in delivering to advertisers the prized youth demographics.

TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB! airs at 11:45 tonight; "Saul of the Mole Men" airs at midnight on the Cartoon Network.

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