Corey Donohoe, North Harford, girls basketball

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February 18, 2007|By BILL FREE

North Harford point guard Corey Donohoe is busy on and off the court. She belongs to eight clubs, including Best Buddies, an organization in which able-bodied people work with disabled children, and an alcohol-prevention club called STARS. The 5-foot-8 senior averages 24.8 points, which puts her in a three-way battle for the county scoring title. Less than two weeks ago, she had 38 points in a victory over Edgewood, scoring 20 in the first quarter. Donohoe also averages 4.5 steals and four assists. In addition to basketball, she also plays field hockey and lacrosse. She has earned a lacrosse scholarship to North Carolina.

How do you find time for eight clubs?

You kind of make time for it. You have to manage your time well. I'm always busy. I like it that way. Best Buddies is one of my favorites. We bring the kids to school and play basketball with them and things like that. STARS is also very important. It's students taking a responsible stand against alcohol. It's a fun club where we do a lot of things on weekends, like bowling.

What does working with Best Buddies mean to you?

It's just a really good opportunity to meet people - people you normally wouldn't talk to or see in school. It makes you feel really good, and they're such nice people.

How excited are you to be going to a high-profile school like North Carolina?

It's going to be so much fun. I'm really excited because North Carolina is so good in so many different sports. I definitely want to be able to watch them play basketball, too.

Do you realize you scored more than a point a minute [32 minutes] to get 38 points in that recent game?

No, I never really calculated that - or thought about it in that way. I actually had a good many three-pointers, four or five, and I think I had a lot of foul shots. Normally, I score mostly on layups off fast breaks and off steals.

What will you miss most about high school?

Well, of course I'm going to miss all my friends, and I'm definitely going to miss playing field hockey and basketball. And I'm going to miss all my friends on the team. And I'm really going to miss all the fans for all the sports. They're great. They come to all the games. They're really encouraging and supportive. The teachers are really important, also. Most of them who teach me come to many of my games and talk about it the next day in school. It's really cool.

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