5 Things I Have To Have Now

February 18, 2007|By [MICHELLE DEAL-ZIMMERMAN]

Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake, 36, is serious about tackling the city's important issues like property taxes and helping neighborhoods and schools. But she's also serious about buying pointy-toed shoes on eBay, choosing the right eyeliner and making a great meal for her family. "When you spend your days dealing with problems, it's nice to have some fluff," says the 36-year-old Baltimore native, who was elected council president last month. We agree. Seriously.

1. A super-nanny

"With my 3-year-old [Sophia] and my crazy schedule, I feel like a mother's helper would be the answer to all my prayers."

2. MAC makeup

"A refill. I'm out of a few essentials that I need. Concealer and Teddy eyeliner ... it's like a deep chocolate with a shimmer. If you wear black, it comes off a little harsh. The brown comes off a little softer."

3. Month's supply of meals from Let's Dish

"It's the best. For a busy family, it really makes a difference between fast food and being able to have quality family time. I do it with a girlfriend so we have a little bit of social time."

4. Weekend getaway with my husband

"Anyplace with room service and a "Do Not Disturb" sign. I long to do a getaway-in-your-own-town sort of weekend."

5. Teslar watch by Philip Stein

"Because it's supposed to calm and relax and center you. They have technology in the watch that's supposed to ground the energy in your body and create a calming, personal environment. Oprah swears by it. And Ed Hale told me it made him a totally relaxed person. If it worked for him, I think I need one."

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