Crabby Jacks? Not too shabby

Postcard from spring training


February 17, 2007|By Peter Schmuck

Opening night at Crabby Jacks.

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance, which is exactly what I did on my first night back in South Florida.

The sign said "Crabby Jacks," and I was looking for seafood and low-carb beer, so I pulled off Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach and ordered up king crab and a Michelob Ultra.

Now, I don't really know if there's any nutritional benefit to drinking low-carb beer, and you're probably wondering why anyone would order Alaskan seafood in Florida, but Crabby Jacks delivered. The food was decent. The price was fair. The waitress was friendly. And, somehow, I managed to stay somewhere within the confines of the South Beach Diet.

It almost took the sting out of the airline's losing my luggage somewhere between Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale.

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