John Parrish

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February 17, 2007|By Roch Kubatko

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- John Parrish is trying to squeeze into the Orioles' crowded bullpen after missing last season because of another elbow surgery. Jamie Walker is assured of being one of the left-handers, leaving Parrish to vie with Kurt Birkins and Brian Burres. He remains confident he'll accompany the team north despite not pitching in the majors since June 2005.

How good are your chances of making the club? -- Very good, very good. I worked on slowing everything down, and I've been throwing a lot of strikes. That was my main goal in the offseason, to slow myself down and throw strikes.

What's the best part of spring training? -- The excitement. Coming in and seeing all the guys. Just the excitement of getting another year started.

What's a fun night out with Josh Towers? -- We actually had dinner the other night with B.J. Ryan. We all went out to eat. It was nice. We always keep in contact through the offseason and hang out at some point. Josh and I usually play cards. He lives in Vegas, and I'm in Alabama and Baltimore. But lately it's been a lot of fishing and golfing.

What do you envision doing after baseball? -- I'll probably have a workout facility at home with younger kids.

Are you still a pro wrestling fan? -- No, I sort of got out of that. I've been into hunting, so I pretty much spend the offseason doing that and working out. And the [Ultimate Fighting Championship's] taking over, so I like to watch that more than wrestling.

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