Maryland antiwar protesters target Mikulski for votes on Iraq conflict funding


February 16, 2007|By MATTHEW HAY BROWN

WASHINGTON -- A small group of Marylanders staged an antiwar protest in the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski yesterday to demand that she stop voting to fund the war in Iraq.

Mikulski, who voted against giving President Bush authority to use military force in Iraq in 2002 but has voted subsequently to approve spending on the war, did not meet with the protesters. Through an aide, the Maryland Democrat declined to comment on the protest.

"We know that Senator Mikulski is against the war, but she has voted to fund it," said Susan Crane, a peace activist from Baltimore. "The best way to support the troops is to bring them home."

The group, which numbered less than two dozen, unfurled a banner demanding, "Not one more death, not one more dollar, no funds for war crimes" and read the names of Americans and Iraqis killed in the war.

Organizers had said before the protest that they planned to occupy the office until Mikulski promised to vote against funding the war or they were removed by police. Instead, they left without incident after about 90 minutes.

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