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February 16, 2007


Rating -- PG

What it's about -- Elementary school outsiders meet, bond and build a fantasy world they can escape into, any time they want.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Trolls and assorted other monsters are battled, as are schoolyard bullies.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Testy parents, cranky teachers, even bullies have a human side.

Violence -- Off-camera, mostly.

Language -- Pretty clean.

Sex -- None. They're fifth-graders.

Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- Even the traumatic stuff is handled off-camera in this faithful adaptation of the classic children's novel.

Music and Lyrics

Rating -- PG-13

What it's about -- Has-been pop star Hugh Grant hooks up with dizzy plant lady Drew Barrymore to write a hit song for a Britney Spears clone.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Drew Barrymore, songwriting, shimmy-shimmy shake pop concert and music video tidbits.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Keeping business and romance separate is easier said than done.

Violence -- A little shoving match.

Language -- Quite clean.

Sex -- Implied.

Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- Pretty benign for a grown-up romantic comedy.

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