you're such a critic

You're Such a Critic

February 16, 2007

THE QUESTION: Eddie Murphy won a Golden Globe Award and is nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Dreamgirls. Last week his new movie Norbit opened in theaters. What's your favorite Eddie Murphy movie?


Eddie Murphy has appeared in some three dozen movies, most of which have been appallingly bad (talk about laughing all the way to the bank!). His best film appearance was in his movie debut - 48 Hrs. - released in 1982 and forever to be cherished if only for the bar scene in which he beats into submission a horde of very threatening rednecks (a redneck bar in San Francisco?), armed only with a badge and obscene-laced bravado.

Peter Muncie, Columbia

I watched Eddie Murphy recently on Inside the Actor's Studio, which was excellent. My daughters and I think Eddie is a great cartoon comedic genius but his Actor's interview made me think of another Oprah crowned comedic genius, Chris Rock, who stars with Eddie in my favorite Murphy movie, Boomerang. In this movie Eddie got to play my dream man: funny, classy and professional. Halle Berry got to keep her clothes on and show why she had the chops to be an Oscar-winning actress. All the black women in this movie were refreshing and not the fools I see on screen today. Eddie, I pray the insulting Norbit was a favor to a friend!

Sharon Wright, Baltimore

My favorite Eddie Murphy movie is Beverly Hills Cop. Action, humor, and a great soundtrack. The perfect movie.

Rosemary Pierre, Baltimore

THE NEXT QUESTION In the last year, what big-screen movie have you seen more than once? Do you plan to buy it on DVD and add it to your favorite-flicks library? Why?

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