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February 11, 2007|By Bill Free

Winters Mill senior center Olivia Fajardo leads the county in scoring with a 15 points-per-game average, and she is in a battle for the county rebounding lead with 8.5 per game. At 6 feet 1, she also averages two blocked shots for the Falcons (5-12).

What is it like to be leading the county in scoring and in a duel for the rebounding lead?

It's an honor. I've worked hard for it and I know all the work I've put in during the offseason has paid off.

Do you enjoy blocking shots?

It feels so good when you block a shot. It's embarrassing to get blocked, so I know how it feels. I've been blocked by two 6-4 girls who play for Walkersville. They've blocked me a few times. You feel powerful after blocking a shot and it sends a message. You know you've intimidated them when they try to go up on you again.

What's the main thing your team needs to improve?

We're having some trouble getting the ball up court. It's all because a lack of experience. [Point guard Jordan Neville was lost for the season when she tore an anterior cruciate ligament in the first game.]

Do you ever get frustrated with losing?

Yeah, it definitely gets old. We've lost four or five games that were under five points. It's frustrating getting so close and having a lot of little things hurt you like a missed free throw or a rebound.

How do you score most of your points?

Most of my points come on put-backs off an offensive rebound. I get to the line a lot, but my free throws have been struggling lately. Buy that's where I get a lot of my points as well.

How tough was it losing your point guard so early in the season?

It's definitely heartbreaking not to have Jordan out there because she's amazing. She can see the court so much better than average people can. Sometimes, I didn't even think I was open and I wound up getting the ball in my hands. She could drive so well. It was unreal. She hardly ever shot the ball; she was an assist girl. She pulled her game together last summer and was passing and driving so well. We'd definitely be .500 with her, but you can't change the past. It's always on our minds what we'd be with her.

Being the lone senior on the team, do you feel more pressure to produce?

Yeah, I definitely do. I enjoy being the only senior, but it's definitely hard with the leadership sometimes. We have a very young team and it's hard to focus. I get drawn into the goofing off. It's hard telling everyone to be serious. It's a lot of fun but still a lot of pressure every game to do everything I can to help the team win.

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