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Freight train wreck near Ellicott City

February 11, 2007

As reported Feb. 11, 1888, in The Sun:

A freight wreck, attended with considerable damage to cars and freight and delay to passenger trains, occurred near Hollifield's Station, on the Main Stem of the B and O. Railroad, three miles above Ellicott City, about half past six o'clock this morning.

Just as the east-bound train, heavily laden with miscellaneous freight and drawn by engine No. 420, was passing the switch at that place, a flange on one of the rear wheels of the car attached to the tender broke in consequence of which the wheel ran off and the axle fell upon the track. The strong beams of the car tore up the track a distance of nearly fifty yards.

A number of passengers going East, who were delayed by the accident, walked through the snow to Ellicott City, supposing that would be their only way of getting to Baltimore. A special train , however, was sent later to Hollifield's for the other passengers who had remained in the cars. The amount of damage to the railroad company occasioned by the accident will be considerable, although comparatively little of the freight was destroyed.

[ Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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