Shooting against the odds



February 11, 2007|By Christopher T. Assaf | Christopher T. Assaf,Sun Staff

The Saturday schedule was slow, making my intention to spend time at the Father-Daughter Sweetheart Dance sponsored by the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks at the Kiwanis-Wallas Recreation center very doable.

But from the start, things did not go easy. The 5 o'clock start time was incorrect. I walked in with an armload of gear, thinking I was early at 4:45, and found things in full swing. Guessing the room would be dark, I had planned on setting up two remotely fired flash units for light. Unfortunately, one did not work, forcing me to improvise and use a smaller, battery-powered camera strobe.

With technical aspects finally out of the way, I had a little time left to concentrate on the dancers.

Photographing large figures against much, much more dainty ones turned out more difficult than I anticipated. While moving gingerly among the dancers, I noticed one Fausto Miranda jump-jive-and-wailing with his daughter Lilian Miranda, swinging her beneath his legs once.

Hoping he'd do it again, I turned and waited. A moment later I got the picture, just in time. Soon after, one of the strobes stopped working. Blown fuse.

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