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February 11, 2007|By Troy McCullough | Troy McCullough,Sun Columnist

A sampling of interesting posts from interesting bloggers: After suffering a minor stroke, 93-year-old Donald Crowdis posted a heartfelt lamentation on his blog.

"At this age, I must say that I do delight in people's amazement when I tell them how old I am," Crowdis wrote in part. "But under all this is the knowledge that I am the oldest male on either side of my family, maternal or paternal, and I know I must go fairly soon. I just don't like the idea. I've floated on the remark `Been there, done that' for some time now, but the notion that the moment is approaching when I can no longer say this bothers me. The truth is, I don't want to go."

Crowdis' essay generated hundreds of comments from supporters who were touched by his openness and honesty. Count Sean Bonner among the thousands of bloggers confused by the media's overreaction to the recent Boston bomb scare, where a guerrilla marketing campaign was misinterpreted by local authorities and cable news types, most of whom apparently don't read blogs or watch the Cartoon Network.

"On MSNBC about 45 minutes ago they had some woman in a power suit pontificating about it all, saying that there is no way you can `overreact' to a situation like this and that `when your idea of a prank is someone else's idea of terrorism you have a problem,'" Bonner wrote. "No, the problem is when a goofy cartoon character made out of a homemade Light-Bright giving you the finger is your idea of terrorism you are the one who needs a Bahamavention." A MetaFilter user recently posted maps displaying homicides in the Baltimore-Washington area for 2005 ( /murders2k5.htm), 2006 (burgersub .org/murders2k6.htm) and 2007 ( -- the maps are as interesting as they are depressing. Food blogger Jacob Grier stumbled upon a mysterious West African miracle fruit that apparently alters one's sense of taste, making sour, bitter foods taste sweet and delicious. Grier held a tasting party where he and his guests chewed on the small red berries for a few minutes, and noticed amazing results: "Our sense of taste completely transformed, we orgiastically began sampling everything we could get our hands on. Lemons tasted like lemonade. Meyer lemons tasted like the sweetest oranges. Grapefruits tasted awesome, and I don't even like grapefruit. Goat cheese tasted like candy."

The FDA has banned marketing of this fruit for unclear reasons, but Grier concludes: "A fruit this fun deserves a wider audience." Gerard Vlemmings of The Presurfer posted a link to a Wikipedia list of unsolved problems -- -- in physics, biology, philosophy, mathematics, medicine and more An anonymous blogger who spends a lot of time on airplanes recently shared this tip: "Here is a fun way to waste a couple of hours on your next flight. Rip out all of the faces from the Skymall Catalog. You will see from their smiling faces that they are pleased with their liberation. The images can then be used to create data visualizations of Skymall demographics."

The blogger then displays the head shots as men vs. women, nonwhite vs. white, brunette vs. blonde and more.

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