February 10, 2007

Writer shouldn't focus on race

David Steele gives new meaning to the term "color commentary."

In less than one week, he ballyhooed a Super Bowl featuring two black head coaches, ran a quote hypothesizing that John Mackey's skin color was a factor in delaying his Hall of Fame election, and expounded on the NBA's minority recruiting practices, all before coming full circle to Tony Dungy's race.

His column was conspicuously absent Jan. 30, I suspect, because even for him, it was a stretch to memorialize Barbaro as a horse of color.

Mr. Steele would do well to focus on All-Americans, not African-Americans, and the NCAA, not the NAACP.

Richard Lynn Stack

Linthicum Heights

Shula disrespects city's history

What was Don Shula thinking when he walked the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the arms of Jim Irsay after the Super Bowl on Sunday night? Clearly he has no feelings for the history of Baltimore football.

It was bad enough that Baltimore fans had to endure the horseshoe being displayed all over QVC and HSN with Colts championship logos, but Shula should be ashamed of himself.

He could have declined to present the trophy to Irsay based on history. Does Shula have any respect for the history and hurt the city of Baltimore endured?

Any respectable establishment in Baltimore should remove any Shula memorabilia from its walls.

Craig McCoy

Santa Monica, Calif.

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