Preachy `Sin Eater' is hard to swallow

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February 09, 2007|By Louis R. Carlozo | Louis R. Carlozo,Chicago Tribune

The transgression that dogs much faith-based art - and leaves its stain on The Last Sin Eater - is the inability to divorce art from agenda; that is, you can feel the filmmaker forcing the round peg of evangelism into the square hole of creative excellence.

That's not to say the film by Michael Landon Jr. of the Francine Rivers novel is mawkish - far from it. But this tale of a bizarre Welsh repentance ritual in 1850s Appalachia hardly preaches Christian gospel in sublime fashion. And once that domino falls, you can bet your stack of Left Behind novels that:

The Last Sin Eater (Fox Faith Movies) Starring Liana Liberato, Thea Rose, Henry Thomas, Stewart Finlay-McLennan. Directed by Michael Landon Jr. Rated PG-13. Time 100 minutes.

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