What movie did you see in the past year that left you crying for the 120 minutes you'll never get back?


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February 09, 2007


The Prestige didn't make me cry for 120 minutes, but I left the theater quite disappointed. Sort of a spinoff of The Illusionist (which I enjoyed) - about 19th century stage magicians, The Prestige had a wide array of talented actors. ... Touchstone Pictures hyped the movie as "a fable about perils of obsession." But the writers themselves were obsessed and put in too many repetitive twists and inexplicable turns in an intensely complicated plot. To say I was confused when I left the theater is putting it mildly. No tears were shed, but I felt that I wasted eight bucks.

David Boyd, White Hall

I'm not yet over Smokin' Aces, a film I saw over a week ago starring Jeremy Piven as a Vegas performer who gets involved with the mob and winds up with a bounty on his head and a host of hunters trying to collect. There are basically two things grossly wrong with this film. First, the seats faced the screen and second, the dialogue was in English.

Eddie Applefeld, Baltimore

Without a doubt the worst film this past year was Running With Scissors, a character driven, or rather "caricature driven" piece of shlock starring Annette Bening as the drugged-out matriarch of a dysfunctional family seeking guidance and comfort from a psychotic psychiatrist played in a hammy performance by the usually fine actor Brian Cox. ... The rest of the cast, except for a fine Alec Baldwin, seems to be trying to top each other as if they were going for "The Most Quirky Misfit" Award.

Arthur Laupus, Columbia

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