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February 07, 2007|By LEM SATTERFIELD | LEM SATTERFIELD,Sun Reporter

As the fourth sibling in his family to wrestle for Annapolis Area Christian, much is expected of Adam Palumbo. A 125-pound senior, Palumbo has a 28-1 record and 147 career victories -- 11 shy of the all-time school record of 158 wins held by his brother Luke, a former Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association titlist. Palumbo has placed as high as second in the MIAAs, third at private school states and eighth at the National Preps tournament. Palumbo, who has a 3.8 grade point average and scored 2,080 out of a possible 2,400 on his SAT, has received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy as well as a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship to the University of Virginia.

Is there pressure and scrutiny to achieve with your brother Jake as head coach, and brothers Luke and Josh as assistants?

I wouldn't say there's pressure per se, but they're definitely tougher on me than anyone else. Like, before I moved up to 130 against Bowie, Jake mentioned the night before that I might bump up. Jake and Luke have the authority, but as team captain, I have a little bit of say. Come match time, Jake told me, "You're wrestling 130." I lost, so I was disappointed in myself -- but not with my brothers' decision. Luke told me right after the match, "The point isn't to go undefeated, it's to win the state championship." My brothers know how to push and motivate me and have my best interest at heart.

Do your siblings bring wrestling home with them?

Luke lives with us, so the talk never stops. We wrestle in the living room. Out of all of us, Luke's been the most successful. I've never heard him compare himself to me, but he realizes that wrestling has made us all who we are -- which is disciplined.

What do you like most about the sport?

That I've maintained good relationships with guys I've wrestled with since elementary school even when they're on other teams -- like Mack Lewnes and Jon Kohler at Mount St. Joseph, Matt Hicks and Chris Ruland at St. Mary's, Chris Laidley at Archbishop Spalding. We're competitors, but there's a camaraderie I doubt any other sport can match.

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