Coach Brown helps kids score skills, points in basketball

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February 07, 2007|By Jeff Seidel | Jeff Seidel,Special to The Sun

Rudy Brown is among the busy basketball coaches this season in Anne Arundel County.

He runs Harundale's 13-and-under boys team, which plays in the Anne Arundel County 13-and-under Maryland division on Saturdays and in the Harundale Sunday Select league.

"The majority of this team was together last year also," Brown said. "We've stepped up this year and gone into an older age group."

Brown's team has a 4-4 record in the Saturday league. Harundale is 5-1 in the Sunday league, and playing against tougher teams has helped them improve.

"They're playing bigger and stronger kids, and they're competing at an older level," Brown said. "Our team has nine kids on it; six are 12 years old and are competing against 13-year-olds."

After the final six weeks in the season, the teams will compete in tournaments. Brown also has them playing in the Harundale intramural basketball program each week, giving them more time on the court together.

Guard/forward Ray Beitzell is the team's top scorer, averaging about nine points per game. Point guard Brandon Spain is right behind him, averaging about eight. Stephon Jones, John Reid and Jalen Clarke make up the rest of the starting lineup.

"It's a strong group," Brown said.

Bucs basketball

Dave Degreenia is running four teams from a pool of 17 players in Pasadena.

The director of basketball for the Buccaneer Athletics Club, he reported that the Bucs have fielded 50 teams this season, including groups that are in intramural and Anne Arundel County leagues. Degreenia said there are 35 intramural teams plus 15 more that play in county competition. In the county, there are 10 boys teams and five girls teams, all ages 8 to 14. The intramural teams have kids ages 6 to 15; the majority of which are boys.

Degreenia coaches two groups of boys. The Bucs White and Bucs Blue teams both have 5-2 records in the Anne Arundel 13-and-under Maryland division.

One team is also 7-1 in the Harundale Sunday Select league while another is 7-1.

His 17 players practice together twice a week. Degreenia wanted to get four teams because it gives the children more of a chance to play at different levels in their last year before trying out at the high school level.

"It keeps me really busy," he said. "I'm teaching all different parts of the game. But I have a really good group of kids."


The Harundale Youth Sports League will hold its fourth annual Invitational Basketball Tournament from Feb. 24 to March 16.

The tournament will be held for the following age groups: 5-6 and 7-8 for co-ed teams; 9-and-under, 11-and-under, 13-and-under and 15-and-under boys plus the same age groups for girls.

Deadline for entry is Feb. 18.

For more information, visit or call Rudy Brown at 410-969-5816, 410-952-4954 or 410-553-8503.

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