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Super Bowl

February 05, 2007|By Andy Knobel | Andy Knobel,Sun reporter

What's the difference between a commercial break and a pregnant pause?

Not much when it comes to Chicago Bears fan Jennifer Gordon, who last week auctioned off advertising rights to her belly in return for two 50-yard-line tickets to the Super Bowl for her and her husband, Mitch.

Gordon, 35, of Lake View, Ill., who is due to give birth March 10, advertised her "My Body for Your Super Bowl Tickets" proposition online on eBay and Craigslist.

After receiving 200-plus e-mail inquiries, she went with gut instinct, selecting uBid.com, whose red-and-blue logo she has been displaying for much of the past week in South Florida beneath her lucky No. 34 Walter Payton jersey.

We've heard of beer bellies, but not bear bellies.

"This is going to be a heck of a scrapbook to show the baby someday," Gordon said. "Baby Gordon will be the only person in his or her class to say, `Hey, I was at Super Bowl 41.'"

UBid.com plans to host a sweepstakes for the baby's weight, gender and birth date.

But not for position.

That has already been set.


More on the baby beat

Mike Finger of the San Antonio Express-News has this update on Bears fan Colleen Pavelka, who had labor induced so that her baby would arrive before the NFC championship game:

"The boy obviously hasn't spoken his first words yet, but he did boo Rex Grossman."

From Red to Rex

The much-maligned Grossman gets criticized by older fans, too.

Marion Wood, 103, of Glenview, Ill., who saw Red Grange's six-touchdown day for Illinois in person in 1924, said this past week about the beleaguered Bears quarterback: "Many times I lose patience, not with the team but with Rex. He's the kind of fella who goes off on tangents."

Fridge out of the cold

David Thomas of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has updated lyrics to the "Super Bowl Shuffle" with new lines for the original Bear Belly, William Perry.

They go like this:

What's up?

Fridge is back in the news

After 20 years of feelin' the blues.

So I gotta thank the Oh-Six Crew

For bringing me here to shuffle for you.

I never thought I'd be back on the docket

With Sexy Rex standing in the pocket.

But here I am, taking this old school,

Proving the Shuffle will always be cool.

Da move

George Wendt, a regular on Saturday Night Live's "Bill Swerski's Superfans" skit, had this bold, though off-the-mark, prediction for last night's game:

"[Jim] Irsay will load up the semi in the middle of the night and spirit the Colts out of town, resulting in a forfeit. Final score: Bearsssss 2, Los Angeles Colts 0."

Too close for comfort

Los Angeles will have to wait. Chicago and Indianapolis last night became the closest cities geographically to face each other in the same Super Bowl.

Using city airports to determine distances, the Colts and Bears are 141 miles apart, beating the 147 between Baltimore and Newark, N.J.

That proximity explains some of the ill feelings between fans of the two Midwestern cities, as explained in this joke from Bob Levi of Highland Park, Ill., as printed in the Chicago Tribune:

"A Bears fan was driving when he spotted a Colts fan walking along the road. For fun, he swerved near him, veering away just in time. Though he was certain he had missed the guy, he heard a loud THUD. The Bears fan glanced in his mirrors but didn't see anything. `What was that?' he asked his friend in the back seat. `I thought I missed that Colts fan.' `You did,' replied his friend. `But I got him with the door.'"

Two tickets to paradise

Jennifer Gordon's decision to turn her stomach into a billboard begins to make sense when you consider prices being asked for tickets.

Yesterday afternoon, one seller on eBay was asking $11,000 for two lower-level seats ready to be picked up in Miami.

"The best seats you will ever own," the ad said.

Those looking to spend more could've bought eight tickets in a suite for $250,000 - including parking passes.

Also yesterday, one ticket was advertised for $91. It was to the Super Bowl played two years ago.

See you next year

Odds have been set for winning the 2008 Super Bowl.

Bodog.com has the San Diego Chargers favored at 6-1. The Ravens are tied for fifth at 12-1.

Ready to belly up to the betting window?


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