Super Bowl Recap

February 05, 2007


The mismatch at quarterback materialized. While Bears quarterback Rex Grossman self-destructed with two interceptions and a fumble, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning completed 25 of 38 passes for 247 yards with one touchdown and one interception, and never again will hear that he can't win the big one.


Given that he was performing during the showers that fell throughout the evening, it was fitting that Prince's halftime performance featured "Purple Rain."

Baltimore 8, Indianapolis 1

Indianapolis gets to enjoy its first pro championship. The three won by the ABA's Pacers don't count. Just remember, Baltimore has had eight occasions to celebrate a title:The Colts with two NFL championships

The Colts and Ravens winning the Super Bowl

Three World Series victories by the Orioles

An NBA title by the Bullets.

Mark your calendar

Except for Saturday's Pro Bowl - a game no one cares about - this season is over. For Ravens fans, the next key dates are:

Feb. 22 (deadline for the Ravens to put fran-chise tag on linebacker Adalius Thomas)

March 2 (start of free agency)

April 28-29 (NFL draft)


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