February 04, 2007|By [ Gus G. Sentementes]

Col. Frederick H. Bealefeld III


Deputy commissioner of operations, Baltimore Police Department

In the news

Commissioner Leonard D. Hamm promoted Bealefeld to the No. 2 position in the department last week.

Career highlights

In his new post, Bealefeld, 44, has charge of the department's operations, which includes patrol officers, detectives, the organized crime division, and homeland security. The 25-year veteran replaced Marcus Brown, who is leaving to head the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. Bealefeld's pervious position was chief of the detective division, where he oversaw homicide and other investigations. Since joining the department May 11, 1981, he has held a variety of jobs. Several relatives have retired from the department.


A great-grandfather and a grandfather worked for the department. His grandfather's brother died in the line of duty in South Baltimore in 1945. His younger brother, Charles, works as a homicide detective. He and his wife of 24 years, Linda, have two children, Frederick IV, 15, and Erica, 11. He graduated from Chesapeake High School in Anne Arundel County and attended community college.


"My father imparted on me that whatever you're going to do, strive to be the very best one. That has always stayed in my head. I've always tried to ... keep the people in this city in the front of my brain and how I can make them safer."

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