Floodwaters leave ice behind

February 04, 2007

As reported Feb. 8, 1897, in The Sun :

The rains of Friday and Saturday sent down such a rush of water and ice from the upper Patapsco that the river at Ellicott City swept along almost on a level with the Frederick pike. No damage was done here, but the passing on the flood of large timbers from the Alberton bridges of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was watched with some apprehension.

Heavy pieces of timber and large masses of ice rushed over the falls here, beating the discolored water into a froth, reminding the observer of the great flood of 1868, which was so disastrous to life and property, when the bridges at Alberton were saved by being weighted by locomotives.

The beautiful river road, leading from Ellicott City to Relay along the banks of the Patapsco, crossing from the left bank to the right at Ilchester, is so piled with ice brought down by the freshet and deposited as the waters receded as to be impassable by carriages.

[ Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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