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Ashley Burks

February 04, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Reporter

Remember when Grandma would catch you running out of the house and yell, "Where's your shawl? Put something on those shoulders!"

We bet she didn't mean this lovely creation that 17-year-old Ashley Burks found at an accessories boutique on Charles Street. There's nothing precious or "Mary Had a Little Lamb"-ish about this multicolored, adjustable shawl that can be configured to wrap nearly around one's entire body.

Teenagers probably wouldn't balk about covering up if the cover-ups looked more like this.

Ashley Burks

Age: 17

Residence: West Baltimore

School: Senior at Woodlawn High School

Self-described style: "Very versatile. I feel as though there's 1,001 ways to look different. With any accessory or any different pair of shoes. I just feel as though I can flip my style so many times with just the little things."

The Look: Crocheted shawl from Designs by Michelle. White, long-sleeved shirt. Jeans. Furry boots.

Where it came from: Shawl from Pretty Little Things Accessory Closet. Shirt from Hollister. Jeans bought at Express. Boots ordered from Victoria's Secret Catalog. Jewelry from Pretty Little Things.

Shawl aboard: "I love this shawl because you can do so much with it. You can switch the way you wear it. Wear it with a brooch, put a slip under it and wear it as a dress. You can wear it with jeans and some nice pumps or how I have it now, more casual with some boots. It's very versatile."

Favorite accessory: "A charm bracelet with all these hearts and little beads with a lot of intricate work on it. I love the bracelet so much because it goes with anything. I've had people try to buy it off my wrist."

Try everything, even trends: "I'm experimental but I'm also a trend-follower. I guess you can say I set trends, but I follow them, too. ... But I might change the trend up to make it fit me. Like when everybody was wearing a waist-belt. I might find one that no other girl has, or I'll put some more fabric on it or something."

School is important; so is style: "Of course style is important to me; I want to go to school for fashion merchandising! But style is also very important because it's a form of expression. And nobody can have the same exact style as you. It makes you who you are."

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