5 Things I Have To Have Now

February 04, 2007|By [MICHELLE DEAL-ZIMMERMAN]

Paula Dobbe-Maher, a Baltimore floral designer, would agree that roses are red and violets are blue, but for Valentine's Day, let's try something new. "People in general go for mixed colors. They go away from the red roses." As she prepares for one of the biggest flower days of the year, Dobbe-Maher, 56, says her customers like hand-tied bouquets - with tulips, anemones, hyacinth, forsythia and sunflowers. "We make them very romantic. People come to us because it's so different ... and it lasts a long time." Like a great love affair.

1. Rain Created for Living Macadamia Body Butter "I'm introducing a new line from South Africa. It's completely organic, even the packaging is organic. The products are based on old African herbs. I'm very happy to get it and excited to try it myself."

2. Gym membership "Really, I already have a membership, but I never go. So what I need is a commitment from my husband to come to the fitness club with me twice a week."

3. French language course on CD-ROM "In my spare time, when I'm working at my computer, I can learn French. In the past, I have spent a lot of time in France. I used to have a house there."

4. Vacation in Burgundy, France "Once I have refreshed my French. ... If you go deep into the country, it's still very rural and you find these tiny little villages. It's so beautiful and so quiet."

5. Moisturizing gloves "At the end of Valentine's Day, your hands are so tired and bruised. You clean flowers and work with roses. You put cream on your hands and then cover with plastic. After heating [the gloves] in the microwave, you put them on. It stays warm awhile and makes the cream more effective."

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